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Geico = White Privilege









Tell me, why is the Geico gecko from England (one of the whitest places on earth mind you)??? Pretty sure gecko’s are tropical creatures which means that he’d be hispanic. So, why does this fucking gecko have a British accent and not a Carribean or Central/South American accent?

Because then the…

What the hell, ‘pretty sure’ fucking educate yourself. Geckos can be found almost everywhere.

There goes that ‘racists’ shit.

Um yeah hi. I’m in the UK and we DO NOT have geckos. 

I guess the UK doesn’t have pet store too.

Omfg you’re an idiot. We’re talking about gecko’s living naturally in their habitat. Not being stripped from their land to become pets in some climate controlled shit box. 

Last time I checked the gecko from the commercial wasn’t living in the wild…

Are you people arguing over an animal used in a commercial?

Welcome to tumblr social justice

I am like 99.99% certain that the Geico gecko is supposed to be from Australia  not Britain, that his accent is Australian not British (though to the untrained ear the two can be easily confused—and Australian is not far off from some of the rural British accents), and that the gecko is indeed native to Autrsalia even if it is not to Britain.

So, yeah….

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    Tell me, why is the Geico gecko from England (one of the whitest places on earth mind you)??? Pretty sure gecko’s are...
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    This is like that argument about coconuts and swallows in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. "Are suggesting coconut...
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    ohhh god XD is Tumblr seriously arguing over the ethnicity of an animated gecko selling car insurance, and claiming that...
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    I thought he was australian
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    The OP’s logic is unbelievably moronic. Apparently she believes not only that animated anthropomorphic animals must be...
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    I thought he was Australian…Can someone explain this to me?
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    literally the joke is he’s no specific nationalityalso I guarantee if he spoke in any South American accent people would...
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    i thought he was aussie
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