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How Libertarians Hold Business Accountable

My Liberal Friends: Businesses should be held accountable for their actions.

Me: I agree.

My Liberal Friends: Then why do you oppose governmental restrictions?

Me: Because the way governmental restrictions go, they tend to do more harm than good. They end up favoring the large businesses with a huge capital base to conform to regulations over the small local business that truly drives local economies. They end up putting businesses out of business by making it too expensive to run a business. When the government is used to hold businesses accountable, it often ends up hurting the economy more than helping, and thus hurting the people more than helping.

My Liberal Friends: But you say you agree businesses should be held accountable. How can they be held accountable if the government does not step in?

Me: They can be held accountable by the People. By us. We can boycott, we can protest, we can picket. If we the People hit business where it hurts: the wallet, then they will change in order to survive. If the Government hits business where it hurts: the wallet, then instead of adapting over time in order to survive they will pay exorbitant fines or be subject to ludicrous costs to conform to regulations, and with time they will die. The People should hold businesses accountable by how they spend and by raising awareness so other people can choose to spend in a moral manner as well.

My Liberal Friends: But that will never work because not enough people will hold businesses accountable.

Me: If every person who now cries to the government to pass regulations restricting free enterprise but still shops at and supports the businesses they complain about instead took it into their own hands and boycotted, and educated in order to spread the boycott, there would be enough people. That's why I refuse to shop at Wal Mart; I feel many of their practices are unethical. While the rest of you still pour money into Wal Mart while complaining about their unethical practices to the government, you could stop complaining to the government and boycott Wal Mart as well; if you did so, they would change in order to get activists to once again shop there without the government needing to pass regulations that will only serve as a minor inconvenience to Wal Mart and a death notice to the small businesses Wal Mart already suffocates.

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